Card making opportunities for you, your family & friends, and groups!

Thanksgiving Placemat

All year long, you can let one of our 4,600 Meals on Wheels seniors know that people care about them, especially during their birthday month. Every year since 1970, our volunteers have made and distributed hand-made birthday, winter holiday cards, and Thanksgiving placemats! We want each client to know that we care; and for many of our seniors, the card you make will be the only card they receive during celebratory or difficult times.

So, kick back at home, with your family and friends, or with your coworkers and get creative! You’ll have fun tapping into your artistic side, and you’ll feel good, too, knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of so many of our community's seniors. Please contact Kathy Stirling at for more info.
  • 11 X 17 construction paper should be cut into fourths, so you get four cards out of a sheet or you can cut 8½ x 11 paper in half for two cards per sheet. It is necessary for cards to be this small so they can fit into our delivery bags.
  • Use gluesticks for gluing and not any other type of adhesive.
  • Do not use glitter, macaroni, or other types of decortation that can easily come off.
  • Remember, seniors often have poor eyesight. Keep print large and avoid cursive.
  • Do not sign the cards, not even with your school or company name. It confuses many of our senior clients.
  • Please avoid irony, slang, puns or jokey cards--they can confuse our clients. Think of kind, sincere, joyful messages and images.
  • Please do not use any language that pertains to any religion.
  • Keep the messages general and generic. “I hope you get better” would not work for someone who is feeling healthy. “You may be lonely, but you are loved” implies someone must be feeling lonely. “You are special!” is great and works for everyone.
  • If you are making holiday items; please write "Happy Thanksgiving!" or “Happy Holiday” on every card.

Examples of messages to use:
  • "Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!"
  • "Happy Birthday - Thinking of You”
  • "Happy Birthday - You are Special”
  • "Happy Holiday!" or "Season's Greetings"

Mail or Drop off Cards:

Meals on Wheels San Francisco
Attention: Kathy Stirling, Director of Corporate & Community Initiatives
1375 Fairfax Ave., San Francisco, CA 94124
What a sweet and creative surprise from Hoover Elementary School in Burlingame. Thank-you students, our seniors will love receiving these!