August 2018

"I don't think I could make it without Meals on Wheels. It's a blessing. My social worker - she's like a daughter to me." -Maggie, 92 years old

These were some of the last words Maggie shared with us before she died last month. One of Maggie's final wishes was to pass away peacefully in her own home, surrounded by her loving family. Thanks to a wonderful team of social workers, medical professionals, and home repair specialists, Maggie's wish came true. She was able to stay in her home through the generous support of the Home Depot Foundation's "Helping Homebound Heroes program." As the widow of a World War II Veteran, she received funds from this program for critical home and safety repairs. Maggie loved San Francisco and never wanted to leave. She worked as a photo specialist at Walgreens for 34 years, before retiring at the age of 86. "I taught people how to take pictures," she said. She was proud of her husband's service and very grateful to the Home Depot Foundation for allowing her to remain in her own home.

Maggie, and hundreds of others around the country, are able to age with dignity and independence because of this program. Thank you to the Home Depot Foundation for being such a wonderful partner in our work.


Maggie and her son, George